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IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK: 7News headline creates major backlash

No matter where  in the world you are, you’ve probably heard the term “It’s coming home” over the past few weeks. For England however, their defeat to Italy in a nail-biting UEFA Euro 2021 Final meant otherwise. In a dramatic penalty shoot-out giving Italy the lead to take the crown, three England players Bukayo Saka, […]


Influencer marketing platforms are a great business model, but here’s what they’re lacking

Upon their Australian launch around 2015, influencer marketing platforms were at the forefront of the industry – and rightfully so. Instagram was at its peak and new platforms like Snapchat were emerging to pull audience’s attention. It only made sense that companies aim to streamline the influencer marketing process by developing a hub for both […]


The Social Media Guidelines Influencers Should Follow In 2021

Influencer Guidelines

There is no denying social media has a profound influence on us daily. From Instagram to TikTok, Twitter and Facebook, the world of social media and rise of influencers is forever evolving and taking us along for the ride! Noticeably, influencer marketing has boomed since 2013 and shows no signs of slowing down. The use […]


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