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While some brands have a unique offering that works well to promote via word of mouth, most often additional marketing and public relations (PR) activities are necessary to make your brand famous. For a PR agency, media relations is key to ensuring ongoing editorial and other media coverage. Whether you’re introducing new products, discussing initiatives, or promoting a new ambassador, media relations is the key aspect of a successful public relations campaign.

Editorial and other media coverage can contribute to brand awareness, brand sentiment, traffic, and sales. The benefit lies in the authenticity of the article. Whereas advertising or marketing pushes key messages directly and often has a ‘sell’ mentality, media coverage is often perceived as more authentic, with more subtle key messages worked into an article.

Media relations can involve press and media releases, events, press kits and more.

Media Relations
with InsideOut PR

InsideOut PR is a multi-award-winning public relations agency. We are leaders in the PR agency space for media publicity, consistently generating extensive exposure for clients from prime-time TV to key online spaces, print press, radio, and podcasts. Every client turns to InsideOut PR for media exposure. We have long-standing genuine relationships with media outlets that we continue to nurture on your behalf.

Media Relations Strategy and Process

As a full-service PR company, media relations services at InsideOut PR include product launches/placements, seasonal opportunities, events and/or stunts, promotional campaigns/partnerships and gifting.

Identifying Your Audience

When conducting a media relations campaign, it’s first important to identify a brand's target demographic before recommending the media sector to target. This can be broken down into age, location, gender, income, interests, social media, etc. Be specific, as this ensures your brand messages are clear, concise and effective.

Defining Your Brand Message

Brand messages each need to address a key touchpoint of the consumer. Ensure they speak to your target audience, and include a call to action. The language used in media releases, social media posts, and other content needs to cater to the audience but also not alienate any potential customers outside your prescribed demographic.

Exploring Partnerships

We prioritise a 1:1 approach when it comes to our partnerships with media and other brands wherein both parties receive equal benefit from working together, and remain happy with the arrangement. This means that as a media relations agency working on your behalf, we are able to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with all media outlets with whom we partner.

Results & Tracking

Media relations are tracked via media impressions, ad value (where applicable), social media reach and web traffic.

Media Relations Services Performed

InsideOut PR is an award-winning PR company and has worked across many industry fields such as retail, technology, food/beverage etc. Brands include Best&Less, Top Juice, BusiSoft AV, Victa and Dyson.

With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, we have extensive media relations services on offer and are strategic in our approaches at every stage. We prioritise keeping you updated regularly through the process so that you know we are achieving the best results possible.

Outcomes / Results

Clients can expect outstanding results, backed with years of media relations agency experience and knowledge. At InsideOut PR we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in the media relations industry and amazing overall relationships we have across the media landscape.

You can also expect your brand to have increased credibility and authenticity, while establishing relationships with the media. Crisis management can also be achieved where needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Media and Public Relations, anyway?
Media relations within a broader public relations campaign is a strategic integrated communications process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and their publics. This includes all media outlets and media landscapes.

Why do we need PR?
PR helps a brand or organisation generate exposure, attract buyers, helps control overall media publicity and your reputation as well as avoid potential PR disasters.

How do we measure the success of a media relations campaign?
The success of a media relations campaign can be measured by:
• Social media impressions, reach and engagement
• Website traffic
• Media impressions
• Advertising value
• Number of backlinks

Can you work around any budget?
Yes! We have extensive experience in accommodating any brand’s budget, whether that be a start-up through to a multinational business.

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