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As an established PR, marketing, and communications agency, we are the experts on trending and newsworthy angles to benefit our clients. We are known for our long-standing media relationships, captivating messaging, and successful campaigns.

When working with InsideOut PR, we will help you control your media narrative to increase your brand’s positive public sentiment, create marketing communications that resonate, use authoritative outlets and personalities to increase your share of voice, and use promotions and well-placed features to boost sales.

We are also well versed in crisis management, advising clients on how to utilise their communications channels through tough times for effective reputation management.

Marketing & Communications
with InsideOut PR

InsideOut PR has a history of creating successful marketing and communications campaigns and activations that have resulted in recognition in the relevant industry. We pride ourselves on our experience in corporate communications, ability to manage crises in a timely and effective manner, our ability to incorporate marketing communication strategies into our campaigns, and our excellent internal/external communication with stakeholders.

The Communications Process

In our capacity as a communications agency, we always like to commence with an initial meeting where we gather all the background information we need to best recommend a marketing and communications strategy. A brief is then provided, feedback taken on board and a contract signed. Once work commences, we manage the communications process independently, ensuring clients are always kept up to date with progress and/or issues. Campaigns may be reviewed throughout to ensure the best possible outcome.

The final step always includes reporting + summaries of the campaign to provide a clear evaluation of the KPIs achieved.

Communications Strategy

Developing a communications strategy involves understanding the ideal objectives of a campaign. This may be sales, traffic, conversions etc. It’s important to keep these specific, measurable, realistic and time bound. Key messages are then developed to ensure each task is included effectively and efficiently to achieve the overall objectives.

Communications Channel and Audience Identification

Identifying your audience and the right communications channels is vital, down to the smallest details, including age, location, gender, income and interests. We need to know who we are targeting and where best to communicate to them. Do they prefer video content, outdoor media, or radio ads? This is imperative to ensuring the best use of time and money in communications campaigns.

Media Production & Outreach

InsideOut PR is a leading media agency, with long-lasting relationships across various media sectors. Utilising our knowledge and relationships, we work one-on-one with contacts to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients, and maximise media exposure. Clients get approval on all media materials and messaging going to market, and InsideOut monitors all media coverage to ensure positive sentiment to support desired campaign results.

Results & Tracking

As a full-service media and communications agency, we pride ourselves on the results we deliver for clients, often going above and beyond the agreed KPIs. We track metrics via the agreed deliverables from initial briefs, and report back via media impressions, social media reach, share of voice, public sentiment, sales, SEO and/or website traffic.

Marketing and Communication Services Performed

InsideOut PR offers both internal and external marketing & communications services.


Media Training

Employee Engagement

Award Programs


Leader Profiling


Change Management


Media Publicity – Earned, Owned and Paid

Celeb/Influencer Management


Copywriting and Design



Social Media/Digital

Crisis And Issues Management

Media Outcomes / Results

Clients can expect to achieve optimal media coverage, through authoritative reviews and/or brand mentions, increased SEO and website traffic, elevated social media engagement as well as content to repurpose across all owned channels for further ROI. Our overall goal is to ensure the right message is communicated to the right people, leading to brand recognition, trial, and loyalty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do we get to approve all material prior to sending to media?
Yes, we work closely with our clients and like to think of ourselves as one team with the same goal. Just as we are transparent with our colleagues, our clients approve all media material/messaging going to market.

How do we know what is happening throughout the campaign?
We like to set up work-in-progress meetings with clients on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis – whatever suits the client best. We also provide media updates regularly, and send through coverage and new media opportunities in real-time. We also make ourselves available to clients 24/7 in case of emergencies.

How do you measure success?
We measure success through KPIs set out in the initial meetings.

How soon can we expect media coverage?
This is different for every client depending on the target media sector, and length of campaign. Generally, we allow 4 weeks for first coverage to appear, allowing us enough time to seed the campaign with media and cultivate unique stories for each media outlet.

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