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In today’s society, it’s important for brands to have a digital presence with the 89% of Australians using the internet and the 80% on social media. The potential missed opportunities by not being online are enormous.

To achieve successful digital PR campaigns, you need to meet your audience where they spend the most time. In 2020, 96% of consumers increased their online video consumption, largely due to the rise of TikTok, reels on Instagram, and lockdowns. Digital PR not only taps into an engaged audience, but enables direct traffic and referral opportunities and aids SEO performance metrics.

Digital PR
with InsideOut Digital PR Agency

InsideOut PR has always been at the forefront of digital media. We established social media channels for a client when it first launched, making that client the leader in the platforms at the time, and were the first micro influencer agency in the sector. Our strong relationships in the digital marketing sector and digital PR industry create vast content opportunities.

During the global pandemic, a digital presence became paramount, and we led this revolution via a major national virtual event attracting record registration and leads for the client. We are the leading digital PR agency for media publicity, with strong relationships with major online news, lifestyle and specialty channels.

The Digital PR Process

Our digital PR strategies begin with an audit of a brand’s existing digital PR efforts and broader online marketing strategy. Compiled with the business goals and KPIs agreed to in the initial meeting, we set out to develop a proposal, digital PR strategy, timeline and budget–all of which are discussed with the client before being implemented. We pride ourselves on ongoing communication throughout the entire process and ensure sign off on all media materials.

Understanding the Digital Audience

Our digital PR teams work with clients to dissect their digital target audience–covering age, location, interests, preferred online platforms, frequency/timing etc. Once you have established authority and authenticity in the digital landscape, we know that repetition is important for new or prospective customers to be converted. We utilise earned, owned and paid media to implement a cohesive brand experience and increase a brand’s presence in the online world.

Defining Your Digital Marketing Channels

It’s important for digital channels to reflect a brand’s unique and recognisable image, tone of voice, and values–ensuring the messaging is aligned to the right audiences. As such, it is important for you to understand the audience and behaviours that are common in the various social media outlets. For example, LinkedIn often speaks to a professional audience via text, Facebook’s audience is older in age and therefore may engage better via infographics, while Instagram and TikTok are leaning into the younger generations engaged by short-form video content.

Digital PR Strategy

Our digital PR teams aim to increase ROI by developing smart and outcomes-driven digital PR strategies encompassing online marketing strategy and social media strategies. This is done via a combination of media and digital public relations, influencer and social media content, and paid media to achieve success. For social media, we develop strategy, content marketing direction, talent negotiation and vetting, budgets, and campaign management.

Results & Tracking for Digital PR Campaigns

Digital PR can be tracked by a number of metrics, pre-defined in the campaign timeline. Traffic can be measured by Google Analytics or UTM links from social media. Share of voice can be measured by SEO (search engine optimisation). Brand awareness can be measured manually via surveys, or digitally via social or PR reach/impressions. We track our success no matter the metrics, and always aim to exceed the KPIs.

Digital PR Services Performed

Successful digital PR campaigns encompass a combination of all digital marketing channels, delivering the same overarching messages through unique and creative concepts. InsideOut PR specialises in strategic and effective digital PR campaigns that stand out from the rest. Our services cover:

Digital content (blogs, EDMs, copywriting, SEO)

Social media (content creation plans, management, and creation)

Influencer campaigns (brief and talent negotiations through to execution and reporting)

Virtual events (webinars, launches)

Digital media coverage (social media, online news or blogs).

Outcomes / Results

Digital PR clients can expect leading digital media exposure across prime sites with strong SEO, referral, and traffic opportunities. We take pride in our precision of work which can be reflected, for example, in a recent digital campaign for a client, which awarded us a media relations award for best campaign under a $50,000 budget. This demonstrates that we can work around any budget, timeline, or other requirements to achieve the best results possible. Our priority is to be one with the brand and therefore absorb their problems and goals as our own.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does a digital public relations campaign take?
Our digital PR team typically recommends a minimum of three months for a successful campaign. However, we have worked on projects as short as six weeks.

Can I appear on major sites like
We strive for optimal coverage for our clients and have in the past achieved news stories and features on top performing news sites including However, each campaign is different and not all outlets are the right fit for the desired outcome.

Should I include influencers in my campaign?
This depends on the goal of the campaign. Influencers are helpful to increase brand awareness with a new audience and create authenticity with media.However, not every brand will need to utilise this aspect of digital PR.

How can I maximise the ROI of my digital PR campaign?
You can maximise the ROI of a campaign by:
• Establishing measurable KPIs
• Defining a target audience
• Consistency across all marketing/PR communications
• Sharing media coverage achieved
• Repurposing media and influencer content onto your own channels (for authority)

What can I expect from a digital PR campaign? KPIs etc.
We work closely with our clients to determine the best measure of success for their goals and objectives. This will differ between every digital PR campaign.

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