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The marketing world has changed over the last decade bringing a new breed of influencers. As of 2021 the influencer marketing industry is estimated to be worth $13.8 billion. In the last year the industry has grown significantly with a focus on micro-influencers producing authentic content. Whether you specialise in beauty, food, fashion, health, parenting or any other topic – you can be a social influencer with the help of our Australian influencer management agency


Influencer marketing is the collaboration between a brand and an online influencer to promote a product or service. Influencers create content to advocate and connect with a brand’s key message to build awareness, increase traffic and engagement from their own audience. In 2021, the industry grew to $13.8 billion and is now providing businesses with an ROI of $5.78 for every $1 spent. This success proves influencers act as an effective channel to connect with target audiences. Incorporating influencer marketing into an overall creative strategy offers a competitive advantage. The core platforms influencers use are social media channels such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and blogs. As such, influencer marketing typically falls under a broader social media marketing campaign and accompanying digital marketing campaign.

Influencer Marketing with #AsSeenOn

InsideOut PR’s sister service #AsSeenOn Influencer Management was the first micro-influencer marketing agency in the Australian market. Together, we comprise a full service influencer agency. Among our best influencer marketing work has been with an Australian fashion retailer, with whom we built an influencer marketing strategy and program from scratch and found success using micro, macro and celebrity influencers. The most notable campaign reached 1,034,667 social impressions across 30 social media influencers, and with media pickup off the back of the campaign, the product sold out within two weeks of promotion.

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#As Seen On

Influencer Marketing Strategy and Process

#AsSeenOn has worked with start-ups through to leading brands, including some of the most prominent global brands and will support you with the creative concept right through to measuring success and ROI. Likewise, we have worked with micro influencers, local influencers, and bigger name celebrities. We understand what both brands and influencers need, and what makes an effective campaign. We work closely with clients every step of the way to ensure that they are across all details, with minimal work at their end. Our mission is to connect brands with the right influencer who has a natural affinity for their product/service and to make the brand a household name.

Communications and Marketing Strategy

The first step for any influencer marketing agency working with a new partner is to get to understand each other. We start with an initial call to understand the brand goals and vision, business objectives, and learning the ins and outs so we can recommend the best approach. A recommendation is then developed including proposed talent and budget, which is reviewed and edited until all parties are satisfied with the deliverables. The plan is then put into action with consistent updates and reporting from our team during and post campaign.

Identification of Social Media Channels and Audiences

The target market is defined in terms of audiences, which are developed based on a few key demographics including age, gender, location, interests, income etc. From here, we can identify the audiences’ preferred social media channels and determine how to best reach them.

Media Production & Outreach

Key messages are developed based on the goals of the campaign, e.g. increase followers, increase sales, drive traffic etc. A key list of digital influencers is developed to match the audience identified, and reach out commences. We ensure that all influencers approached have a genuine engaged following that also meets the target audience of the campaign. We liaise with influencers to answer any questions, negotiate rates and ensure final content meets the brief and deadline of the campaign.

Results & Tracking

We monitor all social media accounts and posts to ensure all deliverables are met, and relay all community feedback. Using a bespoke campaign management platform, we are able to generate reports for each campaign that compile impressions, reach, engagement, saves, likes, comments, link clicks and traffic (via tracking links).

Services Performed

As a full service influencer marketing agency, our team offers a range of services including:

Influencer marketing strategies

Influencer negotiation and vetting

Creation of the campaign brief

Managing content approval processes and content creation

Campaign monitoring, content production, and content delivery

Post-campaign reporting

Advice to maximise ROI post campaign

Dedicated account manager

Outcomes / Results

Whether your business objectives are sales, traffic, social following, or simply awareness, we work to the specific goals of the brand set out in our initial call. We monitor the campaign closely to ensure the community is responding as desired, and amend key messages as required to achieve the best ROI. From using our services, brands can also expect quality content from authentic influencers and engagement from desired audiences. We manage the process end to end, ensuring you receive accurate and measurable brand exposure. We select influencers with a genuine interest in the brand, who will create a long-lasting relationship. Our influencers are trusted and known in the media, with potential to gain additional editorial media exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I set up an initial call?
Just send us an email or a DM and we can set a time!

What is discussed on the initial call?
We like to understand the brand’s history, past/current marketing efforts, structure, target market and audience, point of difference, goals for the campaign and long-term vision. We discuss budgets and timing, as well as expectations of results.

What happens next?
We then take all this information away and brainstorm with the team to develop a creative and effective influencer marketing strategy. We approach the influencers we feel best suit the brief–who may be micro influencers, local influencers, or celebrity influencers–and negotiate budgets to ensure best ROI for the client. The final brief is then presented to the client to approve the talent, and we commence the campaign.

Do I get to approve the talent?
Yes, we always ensure our clients have final sign off on the talent used, and deliverables per talent. We put a recommendation together that we believe best suits the budget and goals of the campaign, but clients always have final approval.

How do you measure success?
This is determined in the initial call with the client. It may traffic via tracking links, social followers, social engagement, sales etc. We ensure all campaigns are accurate and measurable in order to evaluate ROI. You will receive a report at the close of the campaign with all the insights and statistics.

I am a start-up and only have a small budget, can I still use your services?
Of course! We can work to any budget, big or small, to get the results you are after. This is through the use of micro, macro and celeb influencers who are fit to support your brand. We have a great network of contacts who are open to negotiating. We can also offer proposals based on different budget tiers to aid in the evaluation of ROI prior to committing to the campaign.

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