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Public relations requires a finger on the pulse; constantly staying on top of new and traditional media, reaching the right audiences, and influencing the influencers. It calls for the strategic thinking skills of a chessmaster and the nimbleness of an Olympic gymnast.

With InsideOut PR, we'll bring fame to your brand. We deliver PR services through break-through media and influencer exposure, ensuring that you're in the best hands for rising brand popularity and preference.

Our PR team includes social media experts, creative communicators, and media relations gurus that are dedicated to doing whatever is needed to get your brand to the top.

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Our public relations agency in Sydney, Australia, has worked with global clients encompassing consumer-facing businesses, corporate enterprises, indie lifestyle brands, and internationally recognised global brands.

Our Sydney PR agency is a partner of IPREX, with 110 offices worldwide. When you work with InsideOut PR, you get the best of both worlds: a boutique marketing and public relations agency with global reach.


InsideOut PR is a full-service PR company with specialist capability in media exposure and social influencer collaborations. Unlike other PR agencies, we believe that getting your name out there starts from the ground up. We believe that the best PR agencies should offer their clients more than just public relations and communications solutions.


At InsideOut PR, our agency will cater to everything you need to increase brand awareness and reach your target market, from marketing strategy, media releases, event management, video production, and even crisis communication.

Digital Public Relations

Digital Public Relations

Tailored digital PR and online marketing strategies to achieve your business goals.

Media Relations

Media Relations

Leverage our authentic media relationships to elevate your brand to new heights with credibility.

PR Consultancy

PR Consultancy

Provide strategic direction and guidance to optimise your brand's public image.

Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications

Creating successful marketing and communications campaigns that always hit the mark.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Strategic campaigns for influencers to promote your brand and reach new audiences.


global clients

Most public relations agencies tend to only focus on one thing: public relations. InsideOut offers more than that. To create a holistic PR communications strategy, our agency divides public relations into two scopes - inside and outside (hence our name!).

Inside PR includes employee engagement, leader profiling, and internal media training, while outside PR includes media publicity, marketing communications, and media relations. When combined, these two channels offer an integrated marketing and communication plan that can skyrocket your brand by targeting the right audiences with the right messages. 

Inside PR

  • Employee Engagement
  • Publications
  • Award Programs
  • Events
  • Leader Profiling
  • Intranets
  • Media Training
  • Digital
  • Change Management

Inside public relations encapsulates everything relating to internal communications. We consider ourselves a communications agency just as much as a PR agency, as internal communications provide the foundation on which the brand is built.

This is why we choose to focus on liaising with a managing director or the CEO for leader profiling, training senior executives and general managers on brand values, and more. We want the people working for your brand to embody what your brand really stands for. Once your brand has the right people with the right knowledge, from managing director to general manager, then you can focus on other public relations strategies.

Outside PR

  • Media Coverage & Publicity
  • Celebrity/Influencer
  • Events/Stunts
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Promotions
  • Sponsorships/Partnerships
  • Copywriting & Design
  • Social Media/Digital
  • Crisis Management

Outside PR encompasses all external brand experiences and marketing that have the brand in the public eye. Our public relations services include finding the right traditional media contacts and social media gurus that offer the right customer services strategy for your brand.

We cover celebrity, influencer & ambassador relations, sponsorships and partnerships, video productions for news and online outlets, and event planning services.


InsideOut PR was recognised internationally for Campaign of the Year in PR Daily's 2017 Media Relations Awards. This is one element of the media exposure that our clients enjoy from our media relations agency. This includes mainstream TV and radio, press releases, online platforms, and specialty channels to affordable targeted influencers.

As your public relations agency, we are passionate about seeing you succeed and want to understand your business from the inside out. Our traditional and cutting-edge methodologies, combined with our well-established industry networks, will see you achieve your desired results, fast.

2017 media relations awards

A boutique public relations agency with a global footprint

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Our Clients

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What Our Clients Say

InsideOut Public Relations has delivered all elements of our brief. They’ve represented our brand really well. They’re also very professional with journalists and publishers. We measure success in the quality of the social posts, their content, and how our audience engages with it. In general, we’ve seen a noticeable increase in engagement. People look at our posts and click on them. Most importantly, their marketing efforts have resulted in an overall increase in sales.
Jeremy Crooks Managing Director, Go! Kidz
Our events have been a great success and continue to set the benchmark across all types of industries. We have also had great success with prime time television and having our products and experience centres mentioned in many high end publications and websites.
George Poutakidis Director, Addicted to Audio & BusiSoft AV
The whole team were always available and seemed to have a genuine interest for our product and our goals. This made the whole experience feel very personal. We highly recommend Nicole and the InsideOut team – they are awesome!
Jen Founder, WOTBaby App
I was tasked with the mission of locating an exceptional Aus based PR agency to support a sole launch event mid-2023. InsideOutPR surpassed all our expectations with their diligent efforts, diverse skill set spanning multiple disciplines, and remarkable knack for delivering tangible results. Consequently, what began as a one-time contract has blossomed into an ongoing partnership, expanding across other brands and events. The IOPR team has seamlessly integrated into our operations, earning our trust as a valued extension of our growing business.
Erin MacGillivray National Account Manager – eCommerce, POSITEC Australia

Frequently asked questions

What is PR?

Public Relations is a management of effective communication between an organisation and the people that have interest in the organisation e.g. customers, employees, stakeholders. A key role of PR in any business is often to create a positive and trustworthy image across various media channels including print, TV, digital, radio and social and to be seen by current or prospective customers. More specific roles can include driving sales, leading share of voice in the market, or even searching for investors and franchisees.

How can PR benefit you / your business?

Public Relations is an effective, low-cost way to help build exposure, sales and credibility for your brand. To its core, the PR industry is built on relationships with their target audiences to stay credible and relevant. Positive PR not only benefits the business itself, but also attracts new and potential customers, employees and stakeholders alike. Public Relations is just as important for small businesses as it is for larger businesses.

What is the difference between PR and marketing?

Often, the aims of marketing and PR are closely related, if not identical, but there is a clear division between marketing and PR. A PR team’s goal is to promote and improve a brand’s reputation and relationship with its consumers. This is usually accomplished through the strategic use of various communication channels to engage with stakeholders and the target audience. The goal for marketing professionals is to reach consumers and encourage them to make a purchase-related decision. Ultimately, marketing and PR work best when used in conjunction with one another, and when deployed with a strong understanding of the differences between the two.

How do I pick the right PR agency?

Firstly, determine the business objectives and budget that your brand wants to put forward and then research! PR agency industry experience and client wins is always a green flag. Also look for what they offer and if that aligns with what you are wanting to achieve. Most important is chemistry with the team. Set up a meeting to get to know the team you will be in liaison with, as this will determine how well you can work together to achieve your goals!

What are the benefits of having an external PR specialist instead of in-house?

While there are benefits to both, an external PR specialist can inspire a different perspective for creative ideas, brainstorming and problem solving. PR agencies have existing relationships with media, influencers and other industry contacts to help best align your brand to the intended target audience.

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