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How to use social media to create a community

Creating a community is one of the most important things to having a lasting online presence. By creating a community, you can connect with your audience and therefore grow your following. With social media dominating the digital space for brands and influencers, it is one of the best ways to grow your audience and ensure […]


How PR can benefit small businesses

As Public Relations professionals, we are always on the look out for the best opportunities for brands to be seen by their target audience. The key role of PR in any business is often to create a positive and trustworthy image across various media channels including print, TV, digital, radio and social and to be […]


Why multi-channel marketing strategies are more important than ever

In 2021 it’s safe to say that the communications industry is finding it hard to keep up with the rapid evolution of marketing channels. What started off as traditional advertising through TV and print progressed quickly to online, EDM and social media. Over the last decade from Facebook to Instagram, TikTok and more, influencer marketing […]


Influencer marketing platforms are a great business model, but here’s what they’re lacking

Upon their Australian launch around 2015, influencer marketing platforms were at the forefront of the industry – and rightfully so. Instagram was at its peak and new platforms like Snapchat were emerging to pull audience’s attention. It only made sense that companies aim to streamline the influencer marketing process by developing a hub for both […]


The Social Media Guidelines Influencers Should Follow In 2021

Influencer Guidelines

There is no denying social media has a profound influence on us daily. From Instagram to TikTok, Twitter and Facebook, the world of social media and rise of influencers is forever evolving and taking us along for the ride! Noticeably, influencer marketing has boomed since 2013 and shows no signs of slowing down. The use […]


Your guide to Instagram trends in 2021

PR Agency's take on Instagram Trends

Social media is ever-changing! From new platforms that allow influencers and brands to build more creative content, to hacks that are proven to boost engagement – 2021 has seen social media trends become more creative, engaging and authentic than ever before. With a little help from Generation Z (apologies if you’re a die-hard skinny jean […]


How to measure the Return on Investment of PR

Public Relations is an essential investment for any business. It helps to build brand awareness, develop the relationship between businesses and their consumers and protects brand image and reputation. However, the uncertainty of being able to measure the Return on Investment of Public Relations is often a large consideration for many businesses. This is due […]


From PR Coordinator to PR Executive in 5 easy steps

It’s been over a year since I last spoke about starting a new job in a new city and what a year it has been! From travelling the country, to working with high-profile Aussie celebs, the last year has been rewarding to say the least. My biggest achievement to date however has to be progressing […]



With technology so advanced and everything you need to know at your fingertips, either via Google or YouTube, owning a business and handling your own PR and marketing have never been more accessible. You’ll find countless articles and videos sharing a “step-by-step guide to do your own PR without a PR Agency” and “take action […]


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