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Just a few weeks ago, a recent Goldman Sachs report predicted artificial intelligence could replace over 300 million jobs. The rise of ChatGPT has taken over many mundane activities, and this may only be the beginning. Even the Pope has been victim to AI, with images of him dotting a white puffer jacket went viral. Hearts were broken when people found out these images had been generated by computers, they felt so real!

The top 10 jobs which could see AI replacing real people are as follows:

Entry-level admin roles
Data entry clerks
Software engineers and coders
Customer service reps
Copywriters and content roles
Graphic designers
Bankers and accountants
Fact-checkers and proofreaders

So what exactly does this mean? Of course it is unlikely that AI will replace the entire workforce overnight, but the possibilities for this happening in the near future are not out of reach. For PR professionals, it is important to understand that utilising these daunting technologies is necessary to surviving. In fact, AI may have the potential to revolutionise the way us PR professionals manage campaigns, crisis situations and provide recommendations.

We cannot fear the possibilities of AI. We need to consider them tactics that will further enhance the quality of our work, and the delegation of tasks. Make AI your friend. Unfortunately, if you are unable to adapt and evolve your workflow to include AI, you may face setbacks and disadvantages.

How would AI impact PR?
AI can help create media lists
AI can identify trends in media landscapes
AI can track coverage and media impressions
AI can help with social media management
AI can monitor brand impressions and reputation
AI can generate reports for campaigns
AI can help identify potential crises

The possibilities are endless… but don’t forget: AI is not a replacement for creativity and emotion, meaning we will always be one step ahead.

By Clare Fitzgerald, PR & Influencer Assistant at InsideOut PR

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