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Social media, its consequences and yet another price hike- this week’s roundup


This week has shown no mercy with non-stop influencer drama, questions around feel-good social content, and yet another price hike as the cost-of-living rises. Let’s dive in, shall we?


In case you missed it Tammy Hembrow had her 3rd child, Posy, last month. Posting a revealing post-partum shot to her Instagram, many congratulated her for how she looked, but others didn’t like the unrealistic expectation put on women to bounce back after giving birth – which they felt Tammy was inadvertently perpetuating.


In comes comedian and influencer Celeste Barber, who reshared Hembrow’s post stating, “Women should NEVER feel as though they need to put on activewear and show off their bodies, to prove a point ESPECIALLY 12 days after having a baby. Jeez I was in a… bag and screaming into a pillow after having my babies.”


Hembrow responded by posting a photo in lingerie with the caption “this body created life x 3!!” & commented “and I’ll wear whatever I want 🙂 @celestebarber”, sparking the social media conflict and further debate from both sides.


Many came in support of Hembrow, calling out Barber for her comment. One commented that, “Celeste’s brand of comedy has morphed into bullying/being plain rude. At first she was making fun of beauty standards put onto women. It was refreshing. It felt in good fun. It no longer seems like beauty standards are her targets, but the people themselves.”


Others flocked to defend Barber with one woman claiming, “She’s not being told to cover up or shaming her- she is asking her to be conscious of her messaging. Trying to sell your fitness program to women 12 days after giving birth is insane. Women don’t need pressure to look like that after giving birth.”


If you ask us, it’s a bit of a PR disaster on both sides. While we encourage influencers to be authentic and vulnerable, and of course stand up for what they believe in, at the end of the day two high-profile influencers interacting in this manner is sure to grab attention.


In other social media news, TikTok influencer Harrison Pawluk has come under fire for a video he posted where he’s seen giving flowers to a woman in a Melbourne shopping centre, which has now reached over 57 million views and 10.9 million likes.


Harrison’s team claim that he was inspired by a trip to LA, after witnessing extreme poverty and homelessness, and wanted to help share his love and compassion through his content. The woman seen in the video has spoken to ABC Radio claiming she did not give consent to be in the video, and wants to challenge the notion that this was just some random act of kindness.


Once the video went viral and was shared online with the title, “old, elderly woman, heartbreaking tale,” she was left feeling like a piece of clickbait. She’s warned others, especially older women, to be wary of the online trend, even if they’re not on social media.


Pawluk’s team has attempted to uphold his reputation by stating he’s trying to spread love, but we think that an apology and implementing consent procedures would be the best move for future stunts.


And in our last piece of truly devastating news for the nation, Bunnings has announced that the price of their iconic sausage sizzle will be raised for the first time in 15 years! The humble sausage sanga will be raised from $2.50 to $3.50, as the price of bread, meat and onions has risen. While the public took to social media to share their varied opinions, at the end of the day the objective of the activity it is a fundraiser for local businesses. Various community groups have commented that they have seen a significant reduction in profit from these days. The price update will come into effect on Saturday, 23rd July.


Current economic and social situations have been tough for all, but PR professionals are having to work smarter and harder to uphold reputations. Let’s just hope the pressure eases before the Christmas rush.

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