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Albo, Liam Payne and Missguided in this Week’s Spotlight


The last few days have been busy for the Public Relations world. Both globally and on home soil, we are seeing PR disasters and successes.

On Aussie shores, the Albanese Government has broken records with its new ministry. The Labor Government has not only created a culturally diverse frontbench but set the record with ten women joining the ranks. Special highlight has been on the Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Linda Burney, who is the first women (and second Indigenous person) to be sworn into this position. Not only did Albo gain public confidence with a majority government, but the team has now left us impressed with the inclusivity of its ministry. While it’s shocking it’s taken until 2022 to get this far, we believe this is not only going to benefit the PM’s personal image but the nations trust in the Government.

Heading overseas, UK fast-fashion brand Missguided has collapsed into administration. Other fast-fashion brands are on the edge of their seats as onlookers rejoice at this being the potential end of fast-fashion. The once-popular and successful brand held a very poor rating for their sustainability and labour practises, which are increasingly important purchase factors for consumers. Various parent brands are reportedly in discussions to purchase Missguided, but with thousands of customers left out of pocket and without their order, its future is uncertain due to the low customer confidence. If anything, this has been a lesson for other brands to up their sustainability game, and create a clear and open communications strategy for any crisis or restructuring to avoid a PR disaster like this.

Staying in the UK, remember British boyband One Direction? The boys have had their fair share of public quarrels after their hiatus in 2015 (my 15yo self is still crying), but Liam Payne took it to the next level this week joining controversial content creator, Logan Paul, on his podcast to air his band members dirty laundry. He also bragged about his solo career and shared stories of backstage ‘fighting’ which has shocked fans worldwide. The interview has gone viral with fans on TikTok uniting to cancel him, but others are left concerned about his wellbeing. While honestly is usually our recommendation in the world of publicity, some things are better left unsaid. Liam should take a note out of his former band members’ book and shy away from these discussions in future interviews to avoid further reputation damage.

By Claudia Bergen – PR & Influencer Coordinator at InsideOut PR and #AsSeenOn

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