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ITNTW: Is all PR good PR? 

Remember the drama era for beauty influencers, where we would watch as Tati Westbrook dragged James Charles’ name through the mud over some vitamin gummies and the world laughed at Laura Lee’s fake tears in her apology video.

Well it’s been a bit too quiet lately in the beauty community with little drama to report on, until this week the tiktok community went into chaos over one influencer’s application of mascara. Sometimes it’s hard to see who is being authentic on social media but users on tiktok were quick to question the authenticity of one of the worlds biggest beauty influencers, Mikayla Nogueira, after a recent scandal about her mascara application. 

Mikayla had shared a paid review of the L’oreal Telescopic Lift mascara on her tiktok platform where she described the mascara as giving her “lashes of my dreams”. Viewers were quick to notice she applied an extra layer of mascara off camera, coming back with reasonably thicker and fuller lashes. Many believe she had put on false lashes to convince the viewers of the mascara’s ability to transform your natural lashes. 

One viewer wrote “i love you so so much, but i reeeeaaally feel like you’re wearing lashes at the end”. 

Another person said “Girl, did you add falsies at the end? We can see the length in the outer corner”. 

Whilst this has not been a good look for Mikayla and her authenticity it has brought a lot of attention to L’oreal’s product, where many consumers are buying the product just to see if Mikayla was lying about how good it was. It has also increased L’oreal’s brand awareness with many users searching up the product name to find out more about the drama. 

From a PR perspective we would say this is a big win for L’oreal in terms of brand awareness as the product has almost sold out everywhere. However, from an influencer management point of view, this is a loss for Mikayla’s reputation and her team should address the situation to prevent further speculation.

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By Tilly Powell – PR & Influencer Coordinator at InsideOut PR and #AsSeenOn

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