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ITNTW: Hate Unmasked – Stan Grant’s Departure

This week, Stan Grant, a renowned Indigenous host of ABC’s Q+A, has made the tough choice to resign due to relentless racist abuse on social media. As a respected journalist and broadcaster, Grant has endured derogatory comments that directly attack his ethnic and cultural background, causing immense distress and leading to his departure from the flagship show.

After contributing to the public broadcaster’s coverage of the coronation of King Charles III, Grant faced a barrage of hateful comments and derogatory slurs specifically aimed at his ethnicity and cultural identity. Despite the ABC filing an official complaint with Twitter regarding the racial abuse, the lack of public support from senior management within the network left Grant feeling disheartened.

The abusive treatment faced by Grant serves as a powerful reminder of the challenges public figures and brands encounter in the age of social media. The incident highlights the importance of considering the potential consequences of public statements and the need for inclusive, respectful messaging that does not alienate any audience segment.

As a public relations agency, we understand the significance of reputation management and the impact of communication strategies. Grant’s unfortunate experience highlights the responsibility we all share in shaping public discourse and fostering an inclusive society. Brands and individuals must be mindful of the messages they put out into the world and ensure they align with values of respect, diversity, and empathy.

At InsideOut PR, we advocate for a thoughtful and responsible approach to public communications. We encourage brands and individuals to embrace inclusive messaging, prioritise respect, and create meaningful connections with their audiences. 

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By Tilly Powell – PR & Influencer Coordinator at InsideOut PR and #AsSeenOn


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