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InsideOut PR’s top tips when applying for a job in Public Relations

Product launches, Media showings, PR stunts and Campaigns, Events Management – are you looking for a career in Public Relations?

A job in Public Relations can be very rewarding. There’s always something happening, and always something to keep you on your toes. Whether it’s an exciting event launch, a media event or a fast-approaching deadline – life is never dull. Trust us.

If you work at a boutique Public Relations agency, you’ll typically work across a number of different brands, and products and services. You will constantly be building your contact list and learning all about Public Relations and how it works.

A PR practitioner is constantly thinking of new ways to promote new products and always thinking outside the square, so it’s important you’ve got your finger on the pulse when it comes to the media. Be well read and in the know – it will only help your cause.

But….PR is a very competitive industry to break into so you need to have an edge. For any budding PR practitioners out there, it’s important you take this into account when applying for a job. Try not to leave things up to chance. It’s better to be over-researched than under-researched.

At InsideOut PR we recommend the following:

Research the company first

Find out the type of PR they specialise in and look up the brands they represent. Could you see yourself working for similar brands? If you’re all about fashion and beauty PR, then working for a Public Relations agency that specialises in lawn mowing equipment might not be your scene…

Check and re-check your email or cover letter then check again

Believe it or not, we’re constantly receiving letters of applications or cover letters for public relations agency jobs with spelling errors and mistakes. Take the time to proof your work. Mistakes happen, so give your application to a friend to check it over for you.

Tailor your application to suit the agency

We know you’re applying for a number of different jobs at the same time – we’ve all been there, but if you’re interested in working for us, then make sure you show that by taking the time to address it to the right person. A generic application can stand out just as much as an amazing application so if you’re serious about the job, go that little bit further and let us know you’re interested.

Hopefully these tips will come in handy when you begin the job hunt.

Good luck!

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