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As you slurp up the remains of that pina colada and get ready to swap your sarong for the corporate uniform, it’s time to consider a course of action for the coming year. You could take the easy way out and fall back on the traditional resolutions such as get fit, lose weight, reduce clutter – or you could take our advice and start 2013 with a few communication tips and tricks put together by the experts…us!

Short and sweet is (in most cases) better – Instead of the rambling sonnets and emails that seem to go on and on and on and on, be succinct. In this digital age, where Twitter’s 140 character messages are king and short attention spans are the norm, it is more important than ever to get your message across in the first ten words.

Don’t blow your SEO – Who knew three little letters could be so darn important to your business’ online success? Put your keywords to work by including them as much as possible in blogs and web copy and don’t forget to backlink!

Get active – No, we don’t mean start a new exercise regime; we are speaking solely about creating an interactive experience for your audience. Giving them the opportunity to engage with your brand is a simple, but effective way to build a loyal and passionate database.

Go back to the 90’s – Remember that decade, when to share information, you’d have an actual conversation? Only just? Well, it’s time to join the trend of less emailing and more picking up the phone – and no, texting does NOT count. Conversation is a great way to build relationships and we all know how important our contacts are in this competitive business environment.

Ask the experts – Trends change quickly and the technological age advances at rates never before seen, so it can be difficult to stay ahead of the competitors. That’s where we come in! At InsideOut PR, it’s our job to be aware of the key activities your brand needs to consider for success in 2013. Use our creative agency’s knowledge and see the difference that expert advice can make to your company’s marketing and advertising campaign.

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