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Six years since their last fashion show took place, Victoria’s Secret no longer holds the power it once did over prospective runway models and their fans.

With the likes of Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr & Gigi Hadid all past models for the brand’s annual runway show, Victoria’s Secret had become a powerhouse that preached female empowerment and confidence. 

However it seems the lingerie giant wasn’t always practicing internally what they preached externally. 

InsideOut PR’s very own founder & CEO Nicole Reaney recently spoke to the Daily Telegraph about the issue stating Victoria’s Secret found its popularity in an “era before social media and before social advocates and influencers who can effectively ‘cancel’ brands overnight”. 

And it’s clear the brand wasn’t able to move with the times. Accusations of misogyny, harassment, transphobia and promotion of disordered eating became a PR nightmare, causing what many believed would be irreparable damage to the company. 

“It would require a stark steer from its origins to re-engage consumers and even then, its brand image has been ingrained around the world,” Reaney explained. 

And it appears Victoria’s Secret is aiming to do just that. 

The company has announced the reimagination of their infamous fashion show in 2023, titling the event ‘The Tour’. The show will feature four shows across Bogota, Lagos, London and Tokyo and is embedded in artistic visions as well as strongly focusing on championing women’s voices and perspectives. 

Reaney continued that “it takes years to redefine a brand image”. 

With ‘The Tour’ set to air at the end of this month, the brand’s revival comes several years after the initial collapse of its angel runway empire. Will it be enough to completely free Victoria’s Secret of its blacklisted reputation and regain the trust of consumers?


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