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Why multi-channel marketing strategies are more important than ever

In 2021 it’s safe to say that the communications industry is finding it hard to keep up with the rapid evolution of marketing channels. What started off as traditional advertising through TV and print progressed quickly to online, EDM and social media.

Over the last decade from Facebook to Instagram, TikTok and more, influencer marketing has grown bigger than ever with brands incorporating big budgets into their marketing strategy to ensure their product gets in the right hands and becomes an overnight viral success.

With every PR and Marketing Agency across the country utilising influencers in some capacity, it’s important now more than ever for brands to consider a multi-channel marketing strategy. This type of strategy mixes different distribution and promotional channels including traditional advertising, digital advertising, EDM, Social Media, Influencer Marketing and Public Relations.

But why is it that brands must incorporate all channels into their marketing strategy and not just focus on one? Because as we have seen it, the marketing world is rapidly evolving and if brands don’t keep up, they’ll get left behind. While brands will often dabble in a few of the above at any one time, proven success comes from using them all in a meaningful way that complements the others.

Here is why delving into all marketing channels is more beneficial than ever before.

  1. Increased number of engagement points

By opting for an array of marketing channels to promote your brand, you’re allowing for a higher consumer reach by creating more touchpoints. With additional touchpoints comes increased sales, new customers and it also opens different forms of communication between a brand and its consumers.

  1. The ability to connect with consumers on their preferred channel

Consumers tend to stick to a few marketing channels. From older generations who prefer good old fashion print to Gen Z who prefer to get their news from TikTok or Instagram, it’s important to not only understand what your customers are looking for but know where to reach them. The appeal of certain touchpoints among consumers varies according to their demographic and lifestyle, so be sure to cater the content on that platform to the intended audience of the channel.

  1. Supplementary brand awareness

Establishing your brand across all marketing channels allows for better brand recall (which is when a consumer thinks of a brand unaided and is prompted when seeing something else). People are more likely to buy from a well-known brand or one they have previously had a positive experience/interaction with. Brand recall aids in creating an advantage over your competitors through building greater awareness of your brand with consumers. From the perspective of a PR Agency, this is an imperative measurable in any PR strategy.

  1. Adaptability

If you are already tapped into the numerous marketing channels, when new platforms become available or current ones are unfeasible, the company will be ready and able to adapt the strategy and redistribute resources where needed. Having clear key messages that are adaptable over a range of platforms can ensure a cohesive and successful marketing plan, not to mention a creative and efficient team.

The communications industry is continually evolving and growing, pushing each other to be better and test the boundaries for clients. As a Sydney PR Agency, we know first-hand the importance of keeping up to date with current tools, trends and platforms. While modern and digital channels are becoming increasingly relevant, it is important to not ignore traditional channels for the comfort and nostalgia they bring.

By Sarah Meenan, PR & Influencer Executive, InsideOut PR and #AsSeenOn

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