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Reality TV Winner speaks out!

Reality TV is not a new concept and viewers are well aware that reality cast enter into a series voluntarily, many for the opportunity for profile and publicity. The MAFs final hit 1.96 million metro viewers, breaking its prior record. The MasterChef series began in 2009 and The Block even earlier in 2003. The volume of reality series on our screens and the subsequent media and social stories demonstrates the appetite remains strong. It remains the responsibility of both parties – networks and contestants – to create and maintain a successful relationship.

Kristie Bennett, the winner of Australian Survivor’s third season in 2016, has become the latest celebrity to highlight the dangers of reality TV.

Just days after Married at First Sight stars Clare Verrall and Tracey Jewel claimed the Channel Nine show negatively affected their mental health, Kristie has echoed similar sentiments.

The 27-year-old claims the survival-themed reality show, which saw contestants compete in gruelling challenges with limited food supplies in Samoa for 55 days, took a significant physical and mental toll.

Media expert Nicole Reaney of InsideOut Public Relations told Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday that the growing complaints from past contestants won’t affect reality shows in the long run and will likely boost ratings.

‘These claims would not sway reality show viewers,’ Nicole said. ‘It more or less adds fuel to the viewing fire. It’s the drama, personalities and storylines that hook viewers and media in.

‘It’s certainly not the first time contestants have shared this kind of sentiment towards their experience and some have then gone on to appear in another series.

‘Viewers are well aware that reality stars enter into a series voluntarily, many for the opportunity for profile.’


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Nicole Reaney, Director of InsideOut PR and founder of influencer agency, #AsSeenOn . Nicole has extensive experience in corporate and consumer PR and Communications as is available to comment on topics.

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