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Ivanka Trump’s $36 million bob haircut signals she means business

Ivanka debuted a dramatic platinum bob with edgy middle part for the Colombia trip, where she visited female police cadets at an academy and flew the flag at a forum about women’s finances.

Over the next three days, the First Daughter’s sharp lady hair garnered more than $36 million in online news publicity.

It reached an online news audience of more than 1.4 billion, according to Critical Mention, a US software company that monitors news mentions.

By anyone’s estimate, that’s a stack of PR mileage for a simple change in hairstyle.

“It’s a frugal PR campaign that’s been able to generate global media attention. I only wish I had thought of that!” Nicole Reaney, director of Sydney’s InsideOut Public Relations, tells The New Daily.

“This ticks all the publicity boxes: Cheap, simple, garners widespread attention.

“Now that she has the eyes of the world upon her, she can truly leverage her brand image.”

Now, heading into the 2020 election season, Ivanka seems to want a harder, more corporate edge to her previously girlish look.

“A shorter cut portrays a more professional, sophisticated image,” Ms Reaney says.

“As Ivanka takes on more of a political role, it’s possible she has been advised to consider every aspect of her communication style, which includes physical appearance.

“With Donald at the helm, the world’s eyes also gravitate to her and will form opinions and impressions based on what they see.”

A strategic deviation from the bob came on September 4 when Ivanka wore her hair in a low, messy bun – most probably thanks to hair extensions – to visit a migrant shelter and strawberry farm.

She also ditched her architectural couture for a beige peasant-style dress.

Given her father’s hardline stance on migrants, the ‘I come in peace’ look seemed calculated.

Ms Reaney applauds the move: “It makes complete sense for someone with a profile to mould their appearance to adapt and build rapport with those they are meeting.”

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Nicole Reaney, Director of InsideOut PR and founder of influencer agency, #AsSeenOn . Nicole has extensive experience in corporate and consumer PR and Communications as is available to comment on topics.

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