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In the past we’ve covered a week of Aussie influencer and media blunders in the past, but it’s time to go global this week. This week’s roundup has had PR professionals up to their ears in crisis mode. Starting with the controversy of the whole world vs. Joe Rogan, to more public outbursts from Kanye West, and finishing on the Too Hot to Handle’s explicit montage. 


Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has continued to make headlines globally this week as Spotify reportedly removed over 100 of his podcast episodes. The Joe Rogan Experience has been slammed in the past for allegedly spreading misinformation about the Coronavirus pandemic, however it’s speculated that the removal comes after allegations of Joe’s public racial slurs resurfaced. He has since come out with an 8-minute apology video stating his use of the n-word is both “regretful and shameful”. Cancel culture reached it’s peak in 2021, and is still very present today, however that won’t stop Rogan. He has stated that he will remain aligned to Spotify, despite million dollar offers from other streaming services. 


Kanye West

Kanye West has been vocal about his divorce drama on social media this week, alleging that Kim was “kidnapping his children” and that he was “forced to do a drug test” in order to see them. This comes after the pair’s daughter, North West, was seen posting on a joint TikTok account with her mother allegedly without Kanye’s consent. Kim made a public response claiming she tried to foster a “healthy and supportive co-parenting relationship”. Seems to be going well for them. Kanye continued to share private family texts and call out trolls on his channels. While this may not look good for his personal image, Ye’s loyal fanbase remains supportive with every decision he makes.


Too Hot to Handle

Netflix reality show, Too Hot to Handle, has indeed become too hot to handle after using The Last Post as audio for a montage of contestants performing sexual acts. The show, which requires contestants NOT to perform these acts to win the prize money, saw many contestants fail. The alleged ‘joke’ was that the loss of prize money was commemorated via use of The Last Post. The show was heavily criticised by leaders within the RSL community for their “complete lack of empathy” when choosing this song. Viewers also took to social media asking, “What the hell was @netflix thinking putting the last post over a montage of people having sex on too hot to handle??? the disrespect??”.


While all major crises in their own right, each situation demands a unique and tailored response. If we were the PR team across any of these, we would have offered some much needed advice.


By Claudia Bergen – PR & Influencer Coordinator at InsideOut PR and #AsSeenOn


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