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IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK: Can Coon Cheese get any Cheddar than this?

You know what they say… sweet dreams are made of cheese… and this week iconic Aussie brand Coon Cheese proved just that by revealing their new name. Coon Cheese’s parent company Saputo revealed this week that as of July 2021, the famous cheese will be known as Cheers Cheese.

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement of 2020,  the brand was called out for having racist connotations as the term “Coon” was often used as a racial slur against people with dark skin at the height of slavery in the US. After some lengthy consumer research, the cheerful name was decided on as it connects consumers to how they feel when enjoying cheese in everyday life.

Saputo CEO Lino A Saputo insisted that “treating people with respect and without discrimination” is one of the brands core principles and it was “imperative” that Coon Cheese “uphold this” in everything they do. To set consumers mind at ch-easy (pun intended) Saputo have insisted the recipe will stay the same with similar packaging to keep it ch-easy on the eyes (ok we’re done).

From COVID-19 to the downfall of Donald Trump, 2020 was a memorable year with the Black Lives Matter Movement causing the biggest shift in societal attitudes forcing brands to rethink their communication strategies. As a Sydney PR agency we understand the detrimental effects of bad publicity for a brand and the effect this can have on their brand image which ideally should remain positive at all times. Coon Cheese addressing the issue head on and being one of the first Australian brands to make amends and aim to do better is a step in the right direction in reinforcing the brands core principles.


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