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Your guide to Instagram trends in 2021

Social media is ever-changing! From new platforms that allow influencers and brands to build more creative content, to hacks that are proven to boost engagement – 2021 has seen social media trends become more creative, engaging and authentic than ever before. With a little help from Generation Z (apologies if you’re a die-hard skinny jean fan), the apparent leaders of the social media world, Instagram has seen a new array of tips and tricks that are paving the way for a more versatile and efficient use of the platform.

Below are some trends you can expect to see across Instagram through 2021.

Casual Posting

Is there really anything better than finding a super flattering filter that will leave your skin looking picture perfect and as if you’ve just stepped off a plane from the Caribbean? One can only dream.  We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems those days are over. Enter casual posting. Originally popular on TikTok, gone are the days of heavily edited photos in favour of raw images that show a more casual side of your favourite influencers. Similar to candid posting, this has the potential to be another positive trend to come from Instagram since the platform rose to fame, with a more realistic side to influencers discouraging what seems to be a “perfect life” often projected on their following.

The “no-edit” edited photos showcase a slight adjustment to photos for a more natural look, meaning super curated grids are out and more organic content is in.

In addition, we’re starting to see what is called “the photo dump” where multiple images are shared at the one time. After years of agonising over the perfect Insta caption, we can definitely get on board with this one!

News Sharing

From the Black Lives Matter Movement of 2020 to the ongoing debate surrounding sexual consent, it’s important to stay informed on real life issues. Instead of turning to daily newspapers and online news, Instagram provides up to date information at ease. In addition, advocacy for important issues can often take the Instagram world by storm. Informative accounts have become widely popular to generate and share news and social causes – e.g. @S**tyoushouldcareabout. Utilising neat and creative ways to share and produce news stories that are easily sharable to other users is a big trend.

More than ever before, audiences are expecting brands, influencers and even friends to spread awareness on what is happening in the world whether it be drama, politics or injustices. We’re expecting others to be more socially aware and to bring light to issues. This is becoming a popular way to source reliable information. We have to admit, it’s nice to see a social media trend endeavouring to affect the world in a positive way. And additional sharing of news is always great from the perspective of a PR agency.

Video is Everything

Video has always been an effective tool for social media marketing as it is often highly engaging. Video marketing usually receives a higher amount of engagement than regular posts. Short videos, including Instagram Reels, have been an excellent tool for brands to engage further with their followers. As avid social media users here at InsideOut PR, we can see that the success of short videos on TikTok has become extremely popular, paving the way for other platforms to introduce similar offerings.

Instagram has since created their Reels function which are short videos allowing for more creativity from brands and influencers. With the ease of filming of inbuilt effects and editing tools, Reels have become a huge advantage for content creators in 2021.

Instagram trends will always come and go but they are moving towards more realistic and transparent means. This will create a safe space for users to showcase their creativity through their content and interact with their favourite brands.

By Claudia Bergen – PR & Influencer Assistant at InsideOut PR

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