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Like to Party?

The InsideOut PR offices have closely resembled a stock trading floor of late – people on phones madly booking, pacing around in circles locking in RSVP’s, packing gift bags.. It has been a mad house!

…And we’re very glad to say – it all paid off! After two very successful launch events in two weeks, we’re completely exhausted, and completely gratified. Sydney’s Architects and Interior Designers were treated to frosty champagne, delectable canapés and other secret treats, everyone leaving the events with big smiles on their faces. Best of all – our client couldn’t be happier.

Events have many different facades. Many companies are hesitant to hold events – for fear of having only a few people turn up (much like the dread of holding your own birthday party), or for fear of failure. Meanwhile, others hold events like they’re going out of style – they try and hold as many events as they possibly can. So how do you know when it’s the right time for an event, and how do you do it right?

There are many tips to making a successful event. Here are a few that we always make sure we stick by…

1. Events are not the ‘be all and end all’. Many clients make the mistake of thinking that an event can be a bandaid to fix all the company’s problems. Often, holding an event is not the ideal solution. Only hold events for specific purposes, and to achieve specific outcomes. There’s no point holding an event every month if the same people are going to be invited, and they’re being offered the same thing each time.

2. Understand that every event has different objectives. If the objective is to build a personal relationship with key players, then hosting a party of 250 guests will probably not fit the bill. Develop the event so as to achieve specific objectives, as opposed to just ‘throwing the party of the year’. Then measure the success of the event by these objectives.

3. Make the event something to remember. Everyone’s been to a launch for this, and a launch for that. How can you make your event a step above the rest? Give your guests something different, something they weren’t expecting. Whether the event has a unique theme that runs through the music, staging and food, or has a unique entrance or event structure – guests will only remember something if it’s different. Try and be as creative as possible without bordering ridiculous!

4. Know in advance that RSVPs have a 20% fallout rate. Think you’ve got 200 guests turning up to your event? Don’t be surprised when only 160 turn up. Generally about 20% of people who have RSVP’d will not turn up on the night. There is nothing that can be done about this fallout rate, so try to lock in RSVP’s that are above your goal attendance numbers.

…So – when’s your next event?


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