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Develop an Interest in Pinterest.

Unless you’ve just come out of a year-long hibernation, I’m guessing you’ve probably heard of Pinterest. But, do you really get what the fuss is about?

Here at InsideOutPR, we are all about making things easier for you, so we have done our research and put together an easy-to-understand guide on this new social media platform!

Pinterest was developed to allow users to share images that they relate to – whether through inspiration, entertainment or amusement – and connect with other users that have the same type of interests.  Each user has their own page where they can upload, save, sort and manage images on. When a user starts to build up a collection of images, they can choose to categorise the pictures into folders or ‘pinboards’. So if you are like me and have a relatively minor addiction to shopping, you might have pinboards labeled ‘fashion’, ‘shoes’ and ‘handbags’.

Pinterest accounts are available for personal use, as well as for businesses. And boy! – it can be a great way to promote your company, especially if you sell a range of aesthetically appealing products. If your business has some great images of products, Pinterest can serve as a catalogue or brochure of items in stock – for no cost. Once a person ‘pins’ one of your company’s images, this image is then available to all that person’s followers. At the moment, there is no mechanism for customers to purchase the products they pin directly from the site, but the images are linked back to the original source page. The more pins you get, the more people have access to the image and with over 11 million users, the scope is huge.

To get a better idea of a Pinterest site, click here and view homewares and renovation brand, Taste’s page.


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