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Battle of the Brands

The consumer world can be a warzone at times. Products are pitted against each other and often the only difference between bloodbath and victory is brand buzz.



Brand buzz, otherwise known as brand awareness, is the loyalty consumers feel for a particular product – the thing that makes them choose one brand over another.

We all know the connotations that arise when someone mentions ‘the golden arches’, but how can you replicate this awareness to become relevant to your own brand values?

Firstly, you must identify what makes your brand stand out from the pack. If you’ve designed a state-of-the-art cleaning machine that does your washing, ironing, dusting and sweeping, all while preparing your toast and coffee ready for when you wake, then there’s no point sitting on it, people need to know – particularly me!

Once you are clear on why your brand is better, you need to draft some key messages. These messages should be used to direct you marketing campaign and need to include details on your brand values and image. From this, we can help you put together a marketing and public relations campaign to help generate one of the most effective drivers of consumers to a business- media coverage.

When you decide that you’re ready to navigate the media landscape with your brand, use the following tips to give you a better chance of receiving the publicity you want. Remember, not all attention is good attention!

Make it REAL. While you might think your product is the best thing ever invented, you need to pitch it in a way so the media does too. Don’t exaggerate, simply pick out the positives and explain to the journalist why their reader’s need to hear about it.

Make it RELEVANT.  Don’t contact the media without doing your research. Make sure the publication you are trying to target has an audience demographic that aligns with that of your brand. Check out any sections, segments or inserts that could work well to showcase the brand. When you are finally ready to pick up the phone, try and link your brand to something that is currently relevant to your target audience – Oftentimes it is going to be hard to begin a sunscreen campaign in the middle of winter.

Make it QUICK. Once a journalist responds, don’t make them wait – this isn’t a first date! Call them back straight away with all the materials they need, images, spokespeople, case studies. The media industry works to tight deadlines, so the quicker you help them, the more likely they will come to you in the future.

Make it SIMPLE. Ok, so you’ve sent the journalist the pitch and had no response… Now what? Don’t take a note from the telemarketer’s handbook and call and call and call. No one likes to be hounded – unless the hounder is a young man that goes by the name of Channing Tatum. I you’re not Channing Tatum its best to leave a week or two between calls, if the journalist likes what your product, they will get in touch.

Make it WORTHWHILE. You’ve put in the hard yards, make sure you reap the rewards. If a journalist confirms they are running something on your product, make a record of the publication publish date. If you happen to miss it, call the publication’s reception and request a copy. It is up to you to keep track of when and where pieces will be published, so keep on your toes.

Generating brand buzz takes time and effort and the process can be much smoother with the assistance of a public relations company. Best of luck!

– InsideOutPR


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