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IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK: The Britney Spears’ story has reached a conclusion.

Whether you have been following or not the #FreeBritney movement is all we have been able to hear about over the past week. Strap yourselves in as this wild rollercoaster of a story just came to a conclusion… sort of! To add a little background to the story, in 2008 Britney Spears was placed into […]


Expert PR Comment: Channel 9 slammed for “all white” Covid vaccine ad

PR opinion on all white vaccine ad

Channel 9 has been criticised over a new Covid-19 vaccine advertisement that features all white talent. The TV promo, which is designed to encourage people to get vaccinated, fell flat with viewers on Tuesday due to its lack of diversity. Led by The Block’s Scott Cam, the advertisement titled “This is our shot” with the […]



PR weekly round up

Bachelorette. You may know her from the infamous Honey Badgers’ season of the Bachelor back in 2018, and this year Brooke Blurton is back with a bang making  history as the first openly bisexual lead of Australia’s Bachelorette. Blurton will also be the first indigenous Australian to lead the franchise and if this wasn’t already […]


Expert Comment: NRL and AFL scandals: Devastating toll on Aussie sport

expert pr comment on aussie sport scandals

When you hear of another footy player becoming involved in a scandal it’s easy to just shake your head in disbelief. Often this disbelief is not caused by the criminal or salacious acts, even though they are themselves seriously concerning, but disbelief at the fact yet another star has become embroiled in a scandal. The list of […]


IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK: Instagram for kids? What the Zuck!

Earlier this year, Facebook announced plans to build a modified version of Instagram aimed at children < 13 years old. Millions of parents were outraged at this, and they’re not the only ones. US attorneys general from across 44 states and territories have come together to urge the social media giant to abandon the plans. […]


IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK: Woolworths welcomes you to the “Cart Wash”

trolley be sanitised - pr agency

After the year that was, we hate to admit our inner clean freaks have emerged! This week one of Australia’s leading grocery stores have rolled out a new initiative to combat COVID-19 that has us all excited!  On trial in their Oran Park store, Woolworths have launched a trolley disinfectant machine as part of their COVID safe plan that sanitises […]


IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK: Milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard to criticise awkward government consent ad

With the ongoing discussion of sexual consent prevalent amongst the media, this week things took an even uglier turn when a series of videos released by the government to educate youth on sexual consent left most shaking their heads in disgust! From an astounding amount of secondary school girls opening up about their experiences with […]


IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK: The good, the bad and the questionable… how the world responded to the death of Prince Philip.

This week the world watched as the events following on from the death of Prince Philip on 9 April unfolded. From news reporters dressing in black as a mark of respect to TV channels altering their programme scheduling to broadcast the royal’s impressive achievements throughout his life, there was no shortage of coverage on the […]


IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK: Kardashian Khaos – the tale of the unedited photo

Hate them or love them, the Kardashians klan seems to kreep into our lives every few weeks. Whether it’s a racy outfit, billionaire status announcement, new product launch or just a plain old scandal…Kris Jenner must have loads of PR stunts up her sleeve. All jokes aside, we’ve all seen the unedited photo that surfaced […]


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