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ITNTW: Let’s get political – The artists connecting with their audiences through activism

Artists have been at the forefront of political movements for decades, many becoming faces and activists for progressive campaigns. This activism, however, can be a tricky platform to balance, and if done incorrectly can be detrimental to the career of the musician.  


In a time of heightened political tensions across the world, we have seen many artists once again leveraging their platforms to inspire and address societal problems. Recent world tours from artists have become a medium to get their message across, and when done successfully can be seen as a way to further connect with their fans. 


Here are some highlights of artists using their platforms positively.  


Harry Styles

Multi-coloured feather boas and sparkles were just the beginning of Harry Styles’ Love on Tour that took place globally over the past few years. Styles went viral during the tour for his support of the LGBTQI+ community. Every show, he was seen holding a pride flag as well as regularly hosting ‘coming-out’ celebrations in the middle of his performances. 


Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion has been an open book since the beginning of her career. She has emerged as the voice behind the ‘Protect Black Women’ movement, inspired by her own experience of being shot and being a victim of this social issue. This movement gained momentum against the backdrop of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests. Through her music and social media presence, Megan has further advocated her views and beliefs in the fight for equality and justice. She highlighted this matter during an SNL performance, delivering a short but powerful statement of ‘Protecting Black Women’ just before rapping her iconic ‘Savage’ song.



Macklemore is no stranger to addressing social issues, with hit songs such as “Same Love” having very clear political undertones. He has also been known for his up-close and personal interaction with his fans through stunts such as crowd surfing during his shows. More recently, the rapper has used his platform to speak on the conflicts in Gaza, giving speeches in support of Palestine at concerts and going on to release a single bringing light to the issue.  


Olivia Rodriogo

Currently completing her “GUTS” world tour, Olivia Rodrigo has become an inspiration for her fans. Mainly followed by adolescents and young women of a similar age to her, she has used her platform to address issues that directly affect this demographic. Rodrigo went viral during her 2022 Glastonbury performance in which she took a stance against anti-abortion movement in her home country of the USA, bringing out Lily Allen to perform the singers’ hit song and feminist anthem “F*** You”. Continuing her open support of the pro-choice movement, Rodrigo has handed out Plan B pills at recent shows as well as creating “Fund for Good”, a foundation raising money for women and girls to have easy access to contraception. 


Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino rose to new levels of fame after the release of the music video for his hit single “This is America”. The lyrics and video combined act as commentary on the many social issues prevalent in the USA, particularly racism and gun violence. Set to embark on a world tour next year, fans are anticipating the rapper will once again address social issues during performances.  


Written by Michelle Yeow – PR & Influencer Coordinator

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