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ITNTW: From YouTube to Global Philanthropist – Mr Beast’s Marketing Brilliance

Mr Beast has touched down in Australia for the first time, and he’s made quite the entrance. He took the internet by storm, shutting down the Sydney Opera House to film a promotional video to launch his Feastables chocolate range down under. To add to the excitement, each purchase of a Feastables product comes with a chance to win one of ten cars, ranging from a Lamborghini Huracan to a Scooby Doo van. There’s nothing Mr Beast isn’t ready to do to captivate his audience.

Mr Beast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, is arguably the most popular content creator today. His unique approach has allowed him to build an empire on YouTube. Every video he releases goes viral, amassing over 52 billion views and more than 288 million subscribers on his channel. His content is interactive and engaging, often inviting fans to participate in challenges for cash prizes, such as ‘100 Boys Vs 100 Girls For $500,000’ or showcasing experiences that spark curiosity, like the ‘$1 vs $500,000 Plane Ticket.’ Jimmy consistently makes headlines with his out-of-the-box ideas.

What sets Mr Beast apart from other content creators?

Before his stunt in Sydney, he had already executed many standout campaigns. In 2022, he became the real-life Willy Wonka, launching his chocolate brand, Feastables, with a twist of ten golden tickets hidden in the chocolate bars, offering a chance to visit his chocolate factory.

Mr Beast is also renowned for his philanthropy. In 2020, he launched his philanthropy brand, creating food banks across America and donating $3 million in aid to Ukraine. One of his most viewed videos, with 54 million views, features his efforts to create water wells in Africa. These stand out actions have allowed Mr Beast to go noticed with major brands like Shopify and Honey partnering with him to be part of his positive impact to the world.

Beyond addressing poverty and essential human needs, Jimmy has made a significant environmental impact. He founded two incredible environmental charities: TeamTrees and TeamSeas, in collaboration with former NASA engineer Mark Rober.

TeamTrees, launched in 2019, pledged to plant a tree for every dollar donated. The initiative aimed to plant 20 million trees worldwide, a goal they surpassed by raising over $24 million. Notable personalities have noticed this cause and have contributed, including Elon Musk and Spotify CEO Tobi Lutke, with each donating $1 million to support this cause.

TeamSeas, launched in 2021, aimed to remove a pound of trash from the ocean for every dollar donated. Utilising an ocean cleaning robot machine designed  by Mark Rober, they surpassed their goal of removing 30 million pounds of trash by collecting over 33 million as of 2024. This campaign also attracted high-profile supporters, including Austin Russell, CEO of Luminar Technologies, who donated $4 million, the highest contribution to TeamSeas.

It’s clear that Mr Beast is a marketing genius. However, has he redefined the marketing world?

Mr Beast knows his audience well, consistently delivering content that is appealing to them. He makes a diverse range of videos, so fans never get bored of this post. From challenges to philanthropic campaigns, he demonstrates the effectiveness of versatility in content. His data-driven content strategy and global targeting have proven successful, attracting sponsorships from the likes of Elon Musk and major entities. Jimmy Donaldson is not just a content creator – he’s a strategic and innovative marketer who has set new standards in the digital world.

Written by Michelle Yeow – PR & Influencer Coordinator at InsideOut PR and #AsSeenOn

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