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‘Dramatic changes’: Inside Labor leader Anthony Albanese’s bold new look

Anthony Albanese has dropped 18kg, picked up a sleek new wardrobe and is on a mission to show Aussies the real him. But will it be enough?

Anthony Albanese’s recent glow up has been a major focus of the election campaign so far.

A lover of dogs, music and the South Sydney Rabbitohs – as well as socially progressive causes – Albo has always come across as unpretentious, the kind of regular Aussie bloke you’d like to have a beer with down at the pub.

Public relations expert Nicole Reaney told Albo’s new look was likely part of a wider strategy designed to broaden his voter appeal.

“The health shift and new glasses projects more of a corporate image rather than ‘middle of the road suburban guy’ and is a direct counter to Scott Morrison’s claim he is a ‘blank page’ and inexperienced in the boardroom,” Ms Reaney said.

“Critics are likely to question authenticity and the reason for the change,” Ms Reaney said, but added that “as long as he stays true to his values, he can maintain and increase his appeal to win over new votes”.

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