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A 10-Step Roadmap to Re-branding yourself in 2021

PR expert Nicole Reaney shares a simple 10-step plan to help you rebrand your personal image, because we all want our outside to represent the truth of who we want to be.

2020 saw all of us impacted in new ways of living. Some of us lost our jobs, others transitioned from a CBD commute to working from home, while others faced other personal setbacks.

A new year presents an opportunity to redefine yourself and your personal brand. Your personal image is based on everything from your appearance, to what you say and what you do.

Here’s a 10-step roadmap to redefine your own brand, today.

#1. Your future self

Jot down three traits or characteristics that you would love to be known for – ie. create vision of your future self. This could be based on your values, talents, profession, personality or lifestyle.

#2. Personality traits

Imagine your future self as a person and describe the traits that relate most to this vision, making it easier for you to align. An example could be ‘hard-working, efficient, patient, and kind’.

#3. Vision board

Create a mood board of visuals of what you aspire to. This can include what your future self looks like, what they do, the words they use and the actions they take.

#4. Find role models

Look out for role models and join like-minded groups, forums and networks. Often there are people in, or outside of, your social circle who have the attributes you desire. Or there may be people who align that you can follow on social media.

#5. Stocktake your wardrobe

Does what you wear align to your preferred image? For instance, COVID-19 saw many of us ditch out corporate wear for loungewear. If you are seeking a new professional role, be sure to dress that way.

#6. Discover your anti-heroes

These are people in your life that don’t portray the image you aspire to be. For instance, if you have chosen to focus on wellbeing or want to be career-driven, then it’s not about ditching friends that aren’t that way inclined, but just being mindful that you don’t get caught up in their lifestyle.

If they aren’t in your friendship or family circle, it could be worthwhile unfollowing these people if you sense they cloud your image portrayal.

#7. Review your digital footprint

What comes up when people Google your name? Discard any social posts or images that steer away from your desired image.

#8. Refresh your social media profiles

Ensure your socials align to your new personal brand by updating profile images and descriptions/by-lines. For instance if you want to have a healthier public image, a photo of you slothing on the couch eating fries is not the best portrayal of this!

#9. Use social media to manifest

Social media is a great way to grow your network, engage with people and to help to reinforce your personal brand. Be sure what you write, say and show is a match for who you want to become.

#10. Write a behaviour plan

This is based on actions that you can take that support your new brand. For instance, if you want to be more community-minded then take action to do this by volunteering for an initiative or cause.

Nicole Reaney is a Sydney-based public relations expert, and the director of InsideOut PR.

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