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IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK: Sam Frost’s Vax drama continues


Media personality Sam Frost has announced via Instagram this week that she will be fully vaccinated by mid-to-late February. This comes after Frost received significant backlash after revealing on Instagram she was unvaccinated, feeling there was “a lot of segregation” and “harsh judgement” directed towards those who wished not to be vaccinated.

Frost is a cast member of Channel Seven’s Home and Away, and her most recent announcement came after Andrew Backwell, Seven’s director of production, reportedly sent a letter informing all staff that vaccinations were now considered mandatory.

Frost confirmed this week that her Home and Away character, Jasmine Delaney would be temporarily written out of the show, “I will be written out temporarily, Jazzy is going on an off-screen adventure for a few weeks, but I’ll be back,” Frost posted.

Frost’s initial announcement about being unvaccinated attracted criticism from numerous media personalities, including influencer Abbie Chatfield who posted, “So brave to ‘come out’ putting yourself as an individual above your community because you listen to misinformation.” Ouch.

There was increased attention not just to Frost but also those who took the opportunity to comment on the issue itself. Abbie Chatfield has substantially increased her presence on platforms like TikTok and Instagram by creating culturally relevant content in which she advocates for vaccination and responds to statements from ‘anti-vaxers’. That’s one way to increase engagement…

Frost temporarily shut down her Instagram in the initial wake of criticism, however has since reactivated it and thanked her followers for their support. This has certainly increased Frost’s relevance in the media, despite not all of the coverage being positive.

Frost is among of a growing number of media personalities that have discovered the cost of sharing their personal or political beliefs on their own social media profile, without considering how their actions will reflect on the organisations they represent.

It worth noting, with Frost being associated with the Seven Network, her actions and statements also reflect back on the company. In the direct wake of the scandal Channel Seven released a statement saying that as of January next year they will only be engaging fully vaccinated people in order to “provide the safest possible work environment”, according to a spokesperson for the company. Seven’s statement worked to distance the company from the issue, and highlight their position on the matter while managing the introduction of mandatory vaccinations internally. Frost was bound to come around and make a counterstatement, and knowing how harsh the media can be, we believe she waited a sufficient timeframe for the scrutiny to die down and her change of heart to be genuinely received.

By Anouk Daddo – PR and Influencer Assistant at InsideOut PR and #AsSeenOn.

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