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Expert Comment: NRL and AFL scandals: Devastating toll on Aussie sport

expert pr comment on aussie sport scandals

When you hear of another footy player becoming involved in a scandal it’s easy to just shake your head in disbelief. Often this disbelief is not caused by the criminal or salacious acts, even though they are themselves seriously concerning, but disbelief at the fact yet another star has become embroiled in a scandal. The list of […]


Your guide to Instagram trends in 2021

PR Agency's take on Instagram Trends

Social media is ever-changing! From new platforms that allow influencers and brands to build more creative content, to hacks that are proven to boost engagement – 2021 has seen social media trends become more creative, engaging and authentic than ever before. With a little help from Generation Z (apologies if you’re a die-hard skinny jean […]


IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK: Woolworths welcomes you to the “Cart Wash”

trolley be sanitised - pr agency

After the year that was, we hate to admit our inner clean freaks have emerged! This week one of Australia’s leading grocery stores have rolled out a new initiative to combat COVID-19 that has us all excited!  On trial in their Oran Park store, Woolworths have launched a trolley disinfectant machine as part of their COVID safe plan that sanitises […]


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