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IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK: A slice of Public Relations genius?

While Aussie icon, vegemite has been enjoyed by Aussie families since 1922, recently the perennial favourite enjoyed a resurgence of publicity in the media, with its recently launched ‘Vegeknife’. An extremely simple, yet clever idea, the ‘Vegeknife’, is a double-headed knife allowing butter and vegemite to be spread using different ends of the knife. The […]


In the news this week: Aussie cheerleaders learn tough PR lesson

A group of young Aussie cheerleaders this week have learnt one of the toughest PR lessons, that those of us in the industry are very familiar with – when it comes to TV you only get one shot. The group were due to perform on the Weekend Today Show, but when the show managed to […]


The Media Industry post COVID-19

As a PR agency where our days are spent liaising with the media on behalf of our clients, pitching anything non-COVID related has tested our strong media capability. Despite the challenges we have achieved great results, as our sector taking a hit like so many others. Between advertising plummeting and countless lost jobs or forced […]


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